How to use Hama beads

Ironing Instructions

We have prepared instructions on how to iron your beads on the pegboards so that you are left with a great-looking bead pattern and a pegboard that can be used over and over again.

As easy as 1,2,3…
1. Place the beads on the pegboard to create a pattern
2. Cover the design with Hama ironing paper and use an iron to fuse the beads together.
3. Leave for a few minutes to cool, then remove the finished design from the pegboard.

Ironing must be done by an adult.

Click here to download our Ironing Instructions

Sewing Instructions

See how easily and elegantly you can sew your beads into interesting, attractive designs.

1. Thread an even number of beads. These beads become row 1 and 2 – this becomes the width of the pattern.

2. Begin row 3 by threading one bead and drawing the thread through to the second. Continue across the row and the zigzag pattern will begin to show

3. For row 4 and any row after this, thread one bead and draw the thread through the last bead from the previous row.

4. Continue until you get the desired length, when finished with the design, tie a knot in the string.

Click here to download our Sewing Instructions

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