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In-store events: Ten tips to ensure their success!

So, you have decided to host an in-store event to promote your products? That’s great, it’s a fantastic way to boost sales, generate positive word of mouth and create an overall buzz in the store! Here are our top tips to ensure your in-store event is a success!

1. Define your purpose for the event

Why do you want to host an in-store event? Is it to generate sales? Boost awareness? Attract customers? Have a clearly defined goal of what you would like to achieve from your in-store event. Working towards a goal will make it easier to measure the success of the event at the end.

2. Get the word out about your in-store event

How are people going to know about your event? It’s all very well setting up a fantastic event, but if nobody turns up then it’s a huge waste of time and effort. A great place to start is by writing down a list of all the ways you can advertise your event. There are so many ways you can get promote your event for little to no cost such as via social media, email, posters, leaflets, in-store announcements and so much more!

3. Plan the event around your customers

It’s no good hosting an in-store event on a Tuesday morning when parents are at work and children are at school. Plan your event based on when you know customers will be able to visit your store. School holidays is a great time to host an event and parents are often looking for ways to keep children entertained!

4. Give customers a reason to attend

Why should they attend your event? Offering an incentive such as money off voucher or a chance to win a prize will encourage customers to attend your event. All of DKL-Beysal’s fun day kits allow children to take home their creations with them for free, therefore every time a child/parent looks at the creation, they are reminded of the event. A great way to stay at the forefront of the customer’s mind!

5. Ensure the event is inviting

An attractive table or stand with products available to play with and signage inviting customers to have a play is a great way to draw people in! This lets people know there is an event on in-store, which is a great way to draw attention!

6. Be fully stocked

It’s easy to underestimate the success of the event and sell out part way through. Make sure you are fully stocked of the product you are planning to promote!

7. Share your success

Be sure to take lots of pictures and share the success via social media, it is a great way to document the success of the event.

8. Analyse the results and feedback

Did you achieve what you set out to do? Is there anything you could do better next time? These are questions to ask yourself post event.




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