What are Hama Beads?

Stimulate creativity with beads, patterns and pegboards. Not only does bead play train motor and logical skills, it also allows creativity to soar. Our products are a creative challenge for children as young as three years of age, one that many children continue to enjoy for years; a colourful, fun and relaxing activity that allows them to develop.

Hama’s aim has always been to encourage creativity and imagination in children and adults alike. The possibilities are endless with Hama; the beads are available in different sizes, colours and themes. The most popular way of playing with Hama is to place the beads on our reusable pegboards to create HAMA-zing designs, and then fuse the beads together using an iron.

With a few Hama pegboards and a variety of colourful Hama Beads, the imagination can run riot! In addition to our regular shaped pegboards, you’ll find animals, cars, hearts and more to choose from.

Common to all Hama products is what we show on our packaging is exactly what can be created using the contents inside the box! Plus they’ll always be left over beads to create more wonderful designs.

Hama beads are available in 3 sizes:

  • Midi: 2.5 mm – Our smallest size, intended for children for 10+ years
  • Midi: 5 mm – Our most popular bead size suitable for 5+ years
  • Maxi: 10 mm –The ideal size for smaller hands with big ideas. Suitable for 3+ years.

Millions of children and adults around the world have been getting creative for almost 50 years, creating beautiful patterns and motifs, in all kinds of colours, thanks to Hama beads!

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