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Pat Avenue launches new Gabby’s Dollhouse range

Hama and Gabby’s Dollhouse join forces to present a new licensed lineup that is available now, exclusively from Pat Avenue UK.

Arts and crafts brand Hama and the popular DreamWorks pre-school television series Gabby’s Dollhouse have announced a partnership that is only available through Pat Avenue UK.

Hama sales are significantly up YOY and this success looks set to continue with new developments for the collection, including the newly launched Gabby’s Dollhouse offering and plenty in the pipeline for 2024.

Gabby’s Dollhouse is the latest hot property to be added to the Hama collection. The lineup launches with three SKUs that will allow fans to create designs including Gabby and her lovable cat characters.

There is the900 Bead Maxi Tub for ages three and over, and two Midi kits for children aged five and up who want a more advanced project. The smaller 2,000 Midi Bead hanging box is a great pocket money item, whilst the 4,000 Midi Bead set is more giftable and will provide hours of creative entertainment. The latter not only comes with pegboards to form beaded designs, but also the pieces needed to create a kitty headband.

Carmel Wright, marketing manager, said: “Gabby’s Dollhouse is one of the hottest properties of the moment and it’s a great fit for Hama, with the content being so fun, imaginative and full of possibility. So, to be able to offer the franchise as part of the evergreen Hama collection is a real opportunity.

“Hama is a fantastic performer for us at retail, thanks to its easy, familiar play pattern and its ability to sustain demand by ensuring newness, variation and impactful marketing support. Adding these new Gabby sets to the range is just one of the ways we’re keeping the Hama offering current and generating demand. Be sure to visit the Pat Avenue stand (E66) at London Toy Fair, for a first look at a huge new development that we’ll be revealing for the brand.”

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