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Evergreen & fresh IPs a plenty

Pat Avenue’s portfolio of brands, in 2024, delivers a perfect mix of evergreen ranges, guaranteed performers, and new IPs.

As the exclusive UK&IE distributor of Hama, the original arts and crafts bead brand, Pat Avenue will continue to offer a creative challenge for all in 2024. Expect fresh licensed and unlicensed lines for all budgets, including the purr-fect Gabby’s Dollhouse Large Hama Set. New for spring, this 4,000-bead set will allow children to create adorable Gabby and kitty designs with pegboards. They can also string beads to make a kitty headband. For BIG value and practicality, there’s the Hama 10,000 Beads & 5 Pegboards Bucket Set. It comes with everything needed to create flower, animal, car designs and more, plus a handy storage bucket. For the littlest crafters, My First Hama offers a great introduction into Maxi Beads. Kids can place the transparent pegboard over their design and create directly over it, making it easier to replicate.

In more big news, the award-winning, next generation brain teaser has landed! SLIDA is the world’s first three-dimensional, sequential interlocking puzzle, for all ages! To solve any SLIDA puzzle, slide and interlock the pieces in the correct sequence. The Classic Sphere is great for on-the-go puzzling and launches this spring, with more in the pipeline for AW24 to keep playability fresh. SLIDA’s Classic Egg and Cylinder are affordable, palm-sized puzzles, whilst the Snap ‘n’ Wrap offers a next-level challenge, snapping around the Classic Sphere, as an additional sequential puzzle. Its difficulty can be increased by adding world globe transfers. There’s also Puzzle in a Puzzle that adds a challenging dimension by surrounding it with another puzzle, and the Interlock Game will be a games night staple!

For preschoolers, Motor Town is not to be missed! This super-cute, push-and-go vehicle and playset line fills the missing price point in the category, offering quality, value, collectability and great playability for all pockets. There are loads of cool and chunky, free-wheeling cars to collect, an array of playsets. A great place to start with the range is My First Garage with 1 Car. This three-level garage features a lift to transport cars up and down, slopes to race cars around, a fun roundabout, barriers to crash through and a car wash! It’s easy to take on the run, with its fold-up design.

Then, it’s game faces on, with Drench. In this fun, suspense-filled game, a soda can is filled with water. The game begins with the roll of the dice, which determines number of shakes and whether the player keeps, skips or picks another to take their turn. Then the can is shook and the tab is pulled! It could go off at any time… the last to stay dry wins.

Meanwhile, fun in the Danger Zone continues, with a second Battle Heads series. The jaw-firing collectibles are back with more cool characters to collect, including a glow-in-the-dark clan. More awesome playsets will further extend imaginative play. Be sure to ask about the epic Power Bike and Battle Quad!

For more details on the Pat Avenue 2024 portfolio, which also includes a bigger than ever Keyriders collection of animal-themed safety helmets, scooters, and inline/roller skates, arrange a visit to the Pat Avenue London Toy Fair stand, by emailing or calling 01604 678780.

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