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Pat Avenue prepares for Battle!

Prepare for battle with Pat Avenue’s awesomely collectable pocket money line: Battle Heads.

Battle Heads collectibles are the amazing jaw-firing, combative collectibles that invite children to enjoy action-packed imaginative play that is fun and exciting. Battle Heads are a species born of a dangerous planet, known as the Danger Zone. There are characters from five clans to collect, which can be battled against one another using multiple battle techniques. Press the top of the Battle Head to shoot their jaw at the enemy. Recharge the jaw by simply clicking it back into the Battle Head. Then knock the opposition down with the Battle Head’s jaw to eliminate them! The range offers long-lasting repeat play value, with 90+ characters to collect, including rare gold and silver pieces. Purchase them as blind foil-bags and blister-packs, then extend play with the Mothership and Attack Tower Playsets!

Pocket money can also be well spent with Pat Avenue’s original arts and crafts bead brand Hama. The collection offers a creative challenge for all, with affordable pocket-money-priced blister packs that provide hours of creative play. The Small Bead Kits are just a few pounds; each comes with 275-450 beads, a pegboard, design card and ironing paper to create one design.

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