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Pat Avenue’s Preschool Favourites

Pat Avenue’s portfolio is a preschool party, with Motor Town’s feature-packed playsets and push-and-go vehicles, as well as its entry-level creative sets from the original arts and crafts bead brand Hama.

Motor Town is the push-and-go vehicle and playset line for little ones aged 18-months-plus that offers quality, value, collectability and great playability at the missing price point in the category. Preschoolers can race the chunky, free-wheeling cars around playsets, including My First Garage Car Station, which has three levels to explore, with awesome slopes, a lift to transport cars up and down, barriers to crash through, car wash and more! It even packs down into a compact carry case. There’s also the Fire Station, with parking garage to house the fire truck. Kids can race to the rescue, crashing through flame and water obstacles!

Then, come AW24, preschoolers can load their Motor Town vehicles onto Transporter Trucks. There’s a Fire Truck and Road Action Truck to collect; each comes with three vehicles included but will carry up to seven vehicles! Both Trucks feature a top landing pad for the helicopter to land.

For fans of DreamWork’s huge property Gabby’s Dollhouse, there are all-new Hama sets! Perfect for ages three-plus, the Gabby’s Dollhouse Maxi Tub comes with a pegboard and 900 beads with which kids can create amazing designs including Gabby and her feline friend Pandy Paw.

There are many other Hama Maxi Bead projects to introduce preschoolers to the world of bead art. The 10mm Maxi Beads are ideal for little hands. A great place to start with the range is the new My First Hama tub which comes with 600 Maxi Beads, a pegboard and even a colouring booklet.

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