Fantasy Fun Large Gift Box 5+

The Hama Beads Fantasy Fun Gift Set is the perfect choice for creative kids! This fantasy set includes everything needed to get creative with fun bead art designs.

With over 4,000 colourful beads, you and your little ones can create a whole fantasy themed world in various colours.

Following the design template or go free style, place the colourful beads on the pegboards. When you’re done, place an ironing sheet over your design, iron over the top and then remove the sheet. The beads will fuse together to give you an instant masterpiece! The pegboards can be used again and again.

This set includes 4,000 beads, two pegboards; square and doll, bead supports, design template and ironing paper.

Use the bead supports to proudly display your creations.

Product Code : 3158

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