Small Heart Bio Pegboard 5+

We’re happy to introduce the newest addition to the Hama family – the Bio Beads – made from sugarcane byproduct. They’re just as versatile
as the original Hama beads – you can even mix them with your current collection. The use of our bioplastics is CO2 neutral – a win for all our eco-conscious creatives – and you can recycle them just like our other beads.

This Small Heart Pegboard allows you to get creative with Hama Beads. You’ll be able to create colourful, unique picture bead designs time and again with this reuseable pegboard. Just choose your vibrant Hama Beads and piece your designs together.

To use, simply fill your pegboard up with Hama Beads in a creative design. Once you’re all set, place a sheet of ironing paper over the beads and use your iron to set the design. The heat of the iron will fuse your beads together.

Product Code : 236-00

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