Luna Babies

Luna Babies is a nurturing brand about 4 dolls

These dolls come from the moon to take care of children's dreams while they are sleeping.

As babies, they have their own needs such as needing their nappy changed, eating, sleeping and playing.

Ages 3+

Luna Babies currently only has one product:

Luna Babies 3pcs Assortment 3+

This assortment includes 3 dolls; Vela, Leo and Ara.

Each Luna Baby comes with the following accessories; 2 bracelets (one for the doll and one for the child), a blanket, 2 nappies, comb, storybook and a feeding bottle.

The Luna Babies have 10 functions and 2 modes; day mode and night mode which includes a lullaby.

Their 10 functions include: 1. Happy / 2. Nappy change / 3. Dizzy / 4. Upset / 5. Sleeping / 6. Night light / 7. Lullaby / 8. Glow in the dark / 9. Comb their real hair. / 10. Feeding time.

When the doll is in day mode their belly star will change colour so that children know how their feeling and what they require. For example, if their star is shining in red, they require their nappy to be changed which is done by pushing their tummy star with the bracelet.

Their belly star colour will change depending on their mood and needs: white = happy, red = nappy change, blue = dizzy, yellow= upset, green = sleeping and multicolour = night light.

When the doll is in night mode they will love listening to little ones read them the bedtime story that comes included. The Luna Babies comfort children with their glow in the dark skin and night light, and will also sing them a lullaby. Once the lullaby is finished the Luna Babies will go into standby mode. Anytime the child hugs their doll, their belly star will light again turning off after 20 seconds.

Each doll measures at 22.5cm

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